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PetNAD FIV Detection Kit POCKIT

Rp. 123


Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is a lentivirus associated with AIDS-like illness in cats. Five subtypes (A to E) have been isolated based on sequence diversity in various regions. The primary routes of FIV transmission are through deep bite wounds and scratches, where the infected cat’s saliva enters the other cat’s bloodstream. FIV could also be transmitted from pregnant females to the fetus in their utero. FIV infections are not necessarily fatal. Cats could live relatively healthy life and act as FIV carriers for years. In initial phase or acute phase of FIV infection is often accompanied by mild symptoms such as fever, lethargy, anorexia, pyrexia and lymphadenopathy. 

The PetNADTM FIV Detection Kit, which applies iiPCR (insulated isothermal PCR), is a newly developed nucleic acid diagnostic product. With the compatible instrument--POCKITTM, the Nucleic Acid Analyzer, Feline immunodeficiency virus PCR detection can be done within 1 hour!This system is compact, fast and easy; it is perfectly suitable for small animal diseases detection for veterinary clinics use


  • Easy-to-use: Reagents in lypholized format for long term stability
  • Short turn around time: Results in 1 hour (5 mins reagents preparation)
  • Unit dose : avoid possible cross-contamination
  • High sensitivity and specificity for Feline immunodeficiency virus detection


  • 24 tests/ kit
  • Sensitivity: up to 10 copies/test
  • Reaction time : within 1 hour
  • Store in 4°C