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PetNAD Parvovirus Detection Kit POCKIT

Rp. 123


Parvovirus is a highly contagious DNA-containing virus. The virus is very stable in the environment, able to withstand wide pH ranges and high temperatures. It is resistant to a number of common disinfectants and may survive for several months in contaminated areas. It can be especially severe in puppies or kittens that are not protected by maternal antibodies or vaccination. In the sever stage of infection, animals can die within 48 to 72 hours if not treated with fluid or antibiotics.

The PetNADTM Parvovirus Detection Kit, which applies iiPCR (insulated isothermal PCR), is a newly developed nucleic acid diagnostic product. With the compatible instrument--POCKITTM, the Nucleic Acid Analyzer, parvovirus PCR detection can be done within 1 hour! This system is compact, fast and easy; it is perfectly suitable for small animals diseases detection for veterinary clinics use.


  • Easy-to-use: Reagents in lypholized format for long term stability
  • Short turn around time: Results in 1 hour (5 mins reagents preparation)
  • Unit dose : avoid possible cross-contamination
  • High sensitivity and specificity for parvovirus detection.


  • 24 tests/ kit
  • Sensitivity: up to 10 copies/test
  • Reaction time : within 1 hour
  • Store in 4°C