Scan Reader (Microchip)

Rp. 123

How to use it
Language choice and memory mode
hold the FX-PET and press (about 5 second) the button placed on the left side.The reader will display different languages. when your language appears on the display, release the button.
In order the choose in option, release the button when, on the display, you can see the message you want to. The chosen option will be stored in the reader so, next time you only have to press the button 1 second. The memory of the reader can store until 1000 codes.
Reading a transponder
Switch on the reader by pressing the button (about 2 second). Then in a few seconds, several messages will appear on the display. Press the button when you can see on the display. Put the scanner near the body of the animal to read the microchip. Move the scanner slowly along the animal where you think there is a microchip.When the microchip has been found, the scanner beeps and on the dispaly the identification number appears. After seeing the number, you can see press the button (about 1 second) to read a new number, or you can press the button (aboout 5 second) to turn it off. It no valid reading has been done, on the display we could read. You can briefly press the button in the reader to try a new reading or you can keep the button pressed until it automatically turn off.
Switch of the reader
If you will not use the reader (about 5 minute), it switches off automatically. How to switch it off, press the button (about 6 second) just after reading a microchip or if the message "no tag found" appears on the display.
Replacing the battery
If the battery is low, it beeps and a message on the display indicates it. To replace the battery, open the battery compartment that is under the reader and replace the used battery with a new one. Close the battry compartment. Only use PP3 9V alkaline batteries.
Specifications: * L: 155mm, W: 80mm, * Thickness: 33mm, weight: 140g. * Operating temperature: -0° to + 40° * Display: 2 lines of 16 charaters using any of six languages * Power supply: 9v alkaline or lithium battery of type PP3. Do not use saline batteries. * Memory funtion: storage capacity of 1000 identifiers transmissible to a PC or PDA via    the RS link.